The Best Mountain Bikes for Every Rider

‘Tis the season to be tempted by a whole new model year of mountain bikes, and we’ve got some good news. Dialing in your own personal style of off-roading has never been easier — once you wade through the overwhelming amount of options, that is. There’s a different bike for just about every type of trail and rider, and even some that claim to do it all. You need a bike best suited to the kind of riding you enjoy, but that also won’t keep you from the occasional change of pace (or any surprises the trails throw at you). As part of our week-long series on bikes to celebrate the launch of Limits, we’ve picked our favorites for racing enduro, downhilling, or just getting out for a weekend adventure ride.


Service Breakdown

Right place at the right time.

 One of our valued customers is in the building trade, and after working with his team in the North, came back to Athlone in order to draw some cash, as it was pay day. As he was approaching the ATM, he noticed 2 guys pushing a bike, and his first thought was how similar the bike was to his own one. The guys noticed that he was studying their bike, and told him it was for sale. “how much?” he asked. “R1200 Cash” replied one of the guys holding the bike up. He also noticed that the computer was exactly like the one he had bought from us (Neil’s Wheels) a week earlier. Being quick witted, he said that he didn’t have cash on him , but would phone his wife to bring the cash to him. So he called his wife, and without them hearing, he asked her if the garage door was open or closed. Her shocked answer was that it was left open, and his bike was gone! He told the guys that his wife would be arriving in a couple of minutes with the money, and went to his bakkie, which was parked around the corner. He told his team of workers what had happened, and after they had finished with the 2 “new” Owners of his bike, he promptly took it back. So all’s well that ends well. Lucky for him, and unlucky for them, that he was just in the right place at the right time.